Exceptional service by Maria and team and phenomenal wine! Great D.O.C imported wine- could taste the unique flavours! - 11/10 by my tastebuds - Carla Franze Facebook


LOVE LOVE LOVE The organic vegan and “no nasties” selection from Amati Organic Vino. 

The Marta champagne/ Brut is one of my favourite so crisp and easy to drink. Thanks to Amati Organic Vino, we had a lovely Xmas Eve indulging the well presented Xmas hamper we ordered and guess what?? There where no sight of hangovers the next day😋 - Jeanette Jespersen Facebook


I had a pleasure of tasting a few of the Amati wines on different party occasions and I must say they all taste lovely but one always has a favorite or two.


Rasicci Red & White- heavier wine- still undecided. Need to be tried and indulged with different foods!


Kiara white- you got me way too tipsy but I better give you another chance with a Truffle Pasta.


Gyo Superiore & Leo Guelfus- Gyo easy drinking but my or my - Leo Guelfus you stood out for me!! Bringing you home again.


And I have yet to try the Rose & GYO White-
Thank you Amati you shall hear from me very soon!
XX Sylwia - Sylwia Kapera Facebook