About Us

The name AMATI – derived from my surname which means LOVE in Italian, coming from the Latin root. The Amati family is also founders and makers of Violins who lived in Cremona, Italy from about 1538 to 1740.  Today their violins created by Nicolo’ Amati are valued at around $600,000.

Born to Italian migrants with the surname AMATI, I was MADE IN ITALY and born in Australia and so the story goes. With the best of both worlds, it is natural to become passionate in life and have a quality lifestyle. It is with this upbringing I become excited about sitting at the table, whether at home, with families, with friends, at a restaurant or on a picnic rug. It doesn’t have to be over-complicated, just good wine and simple quality food be it alone or with great company.



We specialise in boutique wines from Italian cultivars. Our aim is to bring you quality, uniqueness and authenticity. We believe that organic, biodynamic, and minimal interference practices when employed competently lead to a naturally superior product. We are an online wine retailer specialising in the areas of organic wine, biodynamic wine, vegan suitable wine and natural wine.

Our brands come with certification.

At Amati we welcome you like our family, always taking pride in our reputation of always putting the customer first. Our online business extends its service to connect with us for all your queries, orders and feedback, compliments and comments.  We are always happy to discuss all things wine via phone, email, Facebook or Instagram. Our list may be small but will grow with only quality products all the way. We deliver nationally at the cheapest rates we can find.

Maria is the face behind most of the communications and dealings you will have with Natural, Vegan and Organic Wine. She is always happy to have a chat about all things wine including recommending a tasting pack for you to try.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us directly.